Engagement that happen on your connected networks such as new followers, reactions, comments, shares, etc. are called activity. You can manage the activity of all your connected networks on the dashboard with features such as filtering by network, read/unread, deleting, creating tasks from activity, and clicking items to view additional details.

Only activity that occurs after a network is connected will be available. Depending on your plan older activity may be deleted automatically.

The type of activity that can be monitored and the speed at which it is detected varies between each social network. See the breakdowns by network below for what is supported for each social network.


You can scroll through your activity list to view older items. Depending on how long your plan includes retention of activity, older activity may automatically be deleted.


You can view activity from all connected networks or filter by an individual social media network by using the dropdown at the top of the activity list.


Clicking on activity will open the detail window with more information about that activity including the source post, comments, user information, etc. Additional actions can also be performed on the activity detail page such as marking it unread, deleting, and moving to the next/previous activity.

Read / Unread

When you click on activity its automatically marked as read and the appearance in the list is changed to indicate it has been reviewed. This allows you to easily see which activity has not been reviewed in case followup actions are necessary.

To mark activity as unread click the activity then click the eyeball icon at the top of the activity detail.


You should delete activity you no longer need to take action on to prevent missing activity that does require your attention. Organizations without the Historic Activity feature will have activity older than 30 days deleted automatically. Deleting activity is immediate and permanent.


You can create a task directly from the activity detail page which is then linked to that activity. For instance you can task someone with replying to a comment or editing something that was posted.


The activity available and the delay varies by each network depending on what they support. Here is a breakdown:

Near Real Time Delayed Not Supported
Twitter Instagram
New Reaction
Removed Reaction
New Follower
Lost Follower
New Comment
Deleted Comment
New Post
Deleted Post
New Review
Deleted Review