The composer is used to draft, edit, post, and schedule content. You can open the composer by clicking on the compose icon throughout the app including on the content page, the dashboard, or under any piece of content. When you compose from the content section whatever folder you are currently in is where that content will be saved.

Some plan features and plugins enable additional features within the composer such as assigning a holiday for auto holiday scheduling or date parameters to control when auto schedulers can auto post that content.

Composing from a piece of content that has already been posted will result in a copy of that content being created so the score is not obfuscated by the changes.


You can customize the message by social network and/or provide a default message which will be used if the content is posted to a network without a custom message.

At this time the composer does not auto highlight hashtags or convert urls in the message to links however when the content is posted the transformation will happen.


Rich media including emoji, images, albums, videos, and links are supported. Media that is uploaded counts towards the storage limits of your plan. Some networks such as Instagram do not support links so content with links will be skipped when posting.


Drafts are saved without performing any posts and can be edited without a copy being created.


Selecting the post option will show you a list of your networks, you can then select all the networks you want and post to them immediately.


To post at a specific date/time in the future select the schedule option, choose when you want to post and the networks you want to content to be posted to. The time zone in your account is used to determine the actual post time.


If your plan includes repeating posts you can use this option to create recurring posts.

The optional start/end time are used to restrict how long this recurring post runs. For instance, you can restrict it to the current year, have it begin in 6 months and continue forever, and many other variations.

The minutes, hours, days, weekdays, and months field are used to control when the recurring post will be made. At least one minute and one hour must be selected. Here are some examples of common recurring post times:

Minutes Hours Days Weekdays Months
Throwback Thursday 0 12 None Thursday None
Every Monday Morning 0 8 None Monday None
Custom Holiday 30 10 28 None March
First Tuesday Every Month 0 9 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Tuesday None
Every Day In June 0 9 None None June
Every Hour 0 0-23 None None None


If you have the holiday content plugin enabled you will see the Holiday Options toggle which allows you to tag the content as a holiday for the auto scheduler.

Auto Scheduler Options

If your plan includes the Auto Scheduler feature you will see a link to add additional options which will determine when an auto scheduler can post this content. You can limit the time frame it can be posted, only allow certain months, days, and just about any other option.

Here are some sample configurations for common use cases:

Weekdays Months Days Start End
Throwback Thursday Thursday None None None None
Winter Post None 12,1,2 None None None
Expiring Post None None None None 05/23/2021 12:00
Weekend Post Saturday, Sunday None None None None