The content section includes your private scored content and scored content from external sources such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and RSS. You can search content by keyword and use additional filters to find things easily.

You can organize private content into folders, even dragging folders of images from your computer to upload an entire folders of images and videos. Attach auto schedulers to folders and keep a stream of content posting to a set of networks by just adding content to the folder.


When you filter by Private content you will see your custom folders (and your trash can). Content in your private folders count against your storage limit from your plan. You can easily compose and post content you have uploaded.

Drag an empty folder in to create a new folder or one with images and videos to upload them all. If your folder has sub folders those folders will be created in the same structure and the content uploaded.

When you create content from the content page it will be saved in your current folder. If you are not in a folder it will be saved to your main folder


To view content from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and RSS you will need to add sources. Just click the Sources button on the content page to add and manage sources. We'll pull in and score the content so you can easily identify top posts and trending items.

The networks you connect are automatically added as sources.


Filters allow you to easily find the content you're looking for. Filter by sources, times, and keywords then sort results by score or post date. You can quickly answer questions like "What was the best post by Nike this week" or "Has nike mentioned football this month". Sort results to easily find the newest and oldest posts.

Keyword: If your plan includes content keyword search you can use keywords to find any content.

Sources: Limit content to any combination of your networks and sources or only view your private content.

Dates: You can filter content by post date in ranges from Any Time, 24HR, 1 Week, 1 Month, or 1 Year.

Sorting: Sorting is supported by Newest, Oldest, High Score, Low Score, and Updated.


All content is scored using our proprietary algorithm. We use multiple data points to score content including engagement, audience size, and impressions with custom scoring weights and factors. Depending on how content enters our system it will be scored differently.

Sources: Content imported from sources typically does not include detailed data such as impressions which significantly improve the accuracy of scoring. Boosted posts and other interferences can prop up content that's not actually the best.

Networks: Content imported by networks you connect (or content you post) is scored with additional data when the network provides it. Due to the additional data the scores are much more accurate.

Private: Content in your private folder is scored using every notwork it was posted to. For instance, if you post something to Facebook and Twitter the score will consider the data from both networks. This also allows you to expand your content testing across multiple pages for a larger data sample.


When you delete private content it is moved to your trash can which is accessible on the root folder level of your private content. Content in your trash can is permanently deleted in 30 days and counts against your plan storage limit until its permanently deleted. You can immediately delete content by clicking delete again on content that's already in your trash can.