Insights answer questions across multiple social media networks such as top followers, best time to post, top content, and much more.

Compare multiple networks, identify changes, graph key metrics.

Insights are exportable as color PDFs, print friendly black and white, and shareable with third parties for verification.

All insights are not supported by all social networks.


Period: You can filter report data to many presets or custom time ranges. The time you can go back is limited by your plan. Some insights are calculated in real time and only from the day you connect the network.

Insight: Select an insight from the dropdown to view the results.

Networks: You can select any combination of your connected networks, including mixing different social networks.


Performance: Lets you know how you did this week vs last week, or any other range you select. Are things going up?

Audience: Dive into follower data from active users, ages and genders, countries, cities, and languages.

Content: See your top content, comments, and an overview of your posting activity.

Comparison: Put two or more networks side by side and see which performs best.

Best Time To Post: Our custom Traction Algorythm helps identify the best time while minimizing bias due to content quality variations. Try posting at various times and see what surfaces.

Top Comments: Who said it best? Good question.

Top Content: What was your best post?

Impressions: Paid? Free? Viral? Total? Difference? You need to know.

Page Views: Who is actually going to your page?

Engagement: A breakdown of comments, reactions, shares, and clicks compared to the previous date range.

Active Followers: See who has engaged with your networks the most.

Follower Changes: Are followers increasing or decreasing?


You can create links to insights with the date range and networks preset. You can keep these links private as shortcuts, or you can share them with third parties as verifiable social proof.

You can create unique custom URLS to share. Deleting or changing the URL will lose your claim to the URL.

Shared links can be configured with an expiration date which automatically invalidates the link.

You can edit the settings of the link after you create it.