We currently support Facebook Pages, Instagram Businesses, Twitter, LinkedIn Accounts, LinkedIn Companies. We have plans to add additional networks but at this time can not release or commit to timelines.

We will never request your username or password to connect a network. Connections are handled via authorization flows managed by the social media networks. You will be directed to their website to authorize our app and redirected back to our website to complete the connection process. We can not connect or reconnect networks for you as only owners of the network can grant us access.

The number of networks you are allowed to connect is determined by your plan. If you change to a plan that includes less networks than you currently have connected we randomly choose some to remove. It's best to remove networks yourself before downgrading.


The network status is displayed on the top right of each network and can be Connected, Pending, or Disconnected.

Connected: A connected network is operating normally and does not require any action from you.

Pending: When you first connect a network the status will be pending as we import your content, comments, insights and other data. This process can take a few seconds to several hours depending on how much data your network has.

Disconnected: Networks will periodically become disconnected as a security precaution enforced by each social media company. Changing your password, logging in on new devices, and traveling are frequent causes of disconnects. Disconnects can also happen randomly or at fixed periods.


You can customize a text signature for each network that will automatically be added to every post. Adding hashtags or contact information are common uses. Signatures require a plan that includes this feature.


When networks become disconnected a Reconnect button appears which will take you through the authorization process. When in a disconnected state some features are unavailable (depending on the social network) so it's recommended to reconnect as soon as possible. We will send several emails over a period of time letting you know a network has been disconnected.


Click the delete button for a network to remove it from your organization. When you delete a network all activity, insights, content, and other data will also be deleted.


When you change the name of your network or profile picture we will pull in the update automatically. Some networks provide the update in real time and others can take a few days to be updated. When content is posted it will always show the current name/image as seen on the social network.