Organizations control access to data. Each organization controls the data it generates and is billed independently. Due to this separation most users can have a single account even if they use Yapstack for personal and business.

Your account can have access to an unlimited number of organizations. You can switch the organization you are acting as, create new ones, and manage existing ones on the organizations page.


If you only use Yapstack for a single business like a store or brand than you only need one organization. If you decide to help a friend with their business or have your own side gig you should create another organization.

Agencies that collaborate with their clients may also benefit by creating an organization for each client. This will allow you to easily pass the organization on to the client if you decide.

Basically, create a new organization when you want to create some distance between entities and don't mind paying for a second plan or using a free plan with less features.


To delete an organization all users must be removed then remove yourself. Organizations without users will automatically be deleted.


You can edit basic information about an organization including the name shown to you and the industry. The time zone for the organization is used for things like auto schedulers.


To switch the organization you're operating as go to the organizations page and click the key icon next to the organization you want to access.


Members are users that have access to an organization. Their access level is determined by their role. The limit to the number of members which can belong to an organization is determined by the plan.

You can invite users to join your organization on the organizations page by clicking the Add Users button on the users list. Provide the users name, email, and set the role for the user. We'll send them an email with a special link to join the organization.