Tasking allows you to easily create actionable items and assign them to yourself or other users. You can create tasks from activity, content, comments, and reviews so you can easily follow up later.


The task list on your dashboard contains opened tasks assigned to you.

To view and manage all tasks for an organization go to the tasks page linked from the dashboard or main navigation. This view allows you to filter tasks by user, status, and network.


You can create a task from the content of items like content and comments by clicking the Task button throughout the application. This will automatically link the item in question to the task for reference.

To create a blank task click the Task button on the dashboard. Searching for things to link to is currently not supported when creating tasks from scratch.


Simply click on any task to open the task edit view. The following fields are available:

Assigned To: Choose the user this task will be assigned to. It can also be unassigned.

Status: Tasks can either be opened or closed. Closed tasks will not appear on the dashboard by default.

Due Date: The date this task is due, displayed in the time zone of the current user.

Network: Assign a network to this task for reference.

Description: A place to describe the task and add updates.