MLS to Social can automatically
post your listings and open houses.
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How It Works

We connect directly with your MLS and when you update a listing, we automatically generate a property flyer for social media.

Simply provide your unique MLS identifier to connect.

Add Your Branding

Add your logo, headshot, and custom text to every flyer. Use the color and transparency sliders to make it all match your brand.

Upload a logo or photo that's exactly 1080x1080px to overlay the entire flyer for full creative control. Our custom editor makes it very easy!

Automatic Generation

Decide which activites will trigger a flyer to generate. Select all 9 or only important events like new listings and open houses.

Auto Posting

Auto posting will automatically schedule and post auto generated flyers to the selected networks.

The delay is the number of minutes after detection before posting. Set this higher if you also set require approval so you have more time to approve.


Here are some examples of generated flyers.

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