Free Real Estate Content

Free content posted daily to your social media networks. Our 100% free service has over 400 verified positive reviews. It has been automating the social media lives of thousands of real estate agents for many years.


Our approach is a "Live Service" which means there is no directory of content for you to comb through. That's what makes our solution easier and better! Reviewing a few examples won't give you a fair impression of the content or experience.

To view sample content you need to enable the plugin and connect at least one network.


When you disapprove a scheduled post another one will be automatically scheduled for you to review. If no more posts are automatically scheduled you may have reached the content limit and need to wait for additional content.

There is generally enough content to disapprove a few posts per week and still receive a daily post.


You can enable this plugin for any/all networks you have connected to your organization.


You have full control over when content is scheduled. You can post daily, only on Monday at Noon, every other Friday around 2PM, and every other combination you can think of.

The maximum number of posts per day is one. This is enforced by the Interval + Window being at least 1,440 (the number of minutes in a day).

Interval: The minimum number of minutes between posts.

Window: The number of minutes after the next available time to randomize post time.

Quantity: The number of posts scheduled in advance (and show on your schedule).

Approval: The default approval status when scheduling content. Set to Pending to require all automated scheduled content to require your approval before posting.

Time Zone: This is used for determining time specific scheduling. Note that the posting time on your schedule is determined by your account, if the time zone aren't the same then the post times will be different.

Minutes: If one or more minutes are selected, posts will only be made during these minutes.

Hours: If one or more hours are selected, posts will only be made during these hours.

Weekdays: If one or more weekdays are selected, posts will only be made on these weekdays.

Months: If one or more months are selected, posts will only be made in these months.

Here are some example schedule settings. In all examples Interval & Window can stay at a sum of 1,440.

  • Every Day At 9AM: Minutes = 0 | Hours = 9
  • Every Monday Morning: Hours = 7,8,9 | Weekdays = Monday
  • Three Post Per Week: Weekdays = Monday, Wednesday, Friday