MLS to Social

Automatically post your listings to social media whenever you make changes in your MLS system. From new listings, price changes, open houses and more.

We currently support California Regional MLS, San Diego MLS, PACMLS, and Stellar MLS. To add your MLS, please have someone from your MLS who in the approval process contact us so we can discuss integration.

Add Realtors®

When you first enable the plugin you will need to connect a Realtor® by providing an agent identifier, usually a license or custom MLS id number. The agent will need to have a property listed with the MLS in the past to validate.

You can get permission from other agents to post their listings and brokers can easily post all their agent's listings.

There is no limit to the number of Realtors® you can connect.


There are many ways to control how and when posts are scheduled:

Delay: Minimum amount of time after activity is detected before posting. Set it high to give yourself time to review or set it low and let it post at the best time.

Earliest / Latest: A range of hours to allow posting, usually working hours. Time zone is determined by your MLS.

Approval: Set to Pending to require approval before every post. Be sure to increase Delay to give you time to review. Leave as None to allow every post without explicit approval.

URLS: If you have a website where linking to a property is as simple as placing the MLS property number into the URL you can have the system generate links directly to properties on your website. Check your website URL and replace the MLS number with MLS_NUMBER.

Example: becomes

Example: becomes

You can also enter a static URL (such as your homepage) and links will always post there.


The system is capable of automatically detecting and posting for 9 activities. The format of the posting depends on the social network, the activity, and your settings.

New Listing: Posts images, albums, and links with your property description from the MLS.

Offer Accepted: When the status is changed to whatever your MLS considers "Contingent".

Sold: When a property is sold.

Open House: Many MLSs support scheduling open houses which can trigger a date/time/location announcement.

New Pictures: A post announcing new pictures.

Backup Offers: Announce if you are accepting backup offers.

Back on Market: When the status is changed back to Active.

Price Increase: Announces when the price increases.

Price Decrease: Announces when the price decreases.

Flyer Overlay

Upload a custom image 1080px wide by 810px tall to add a custom touch to your posts. Add your broker logo, colored borders, and even a picture of yourself. Below is an example with the default and one with a custom overlay. You can download and customize the overlay image used in this example here.